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We bring “in-the-trenches” knowledge that can only be gained from years of experience as business line executives and managers.

One thing that sets Oculus apart is the vast experience and talent among our consultant ranks. Oculus Consultants have, on average, 20+ years of experience within the financial services industry as business line leaders across multiple disciplines at top financial institutions. As a result, we are able to deliver practical, innovative, and implementable solutions, quickly turning many of our clients into repeat clients.

We provide creativity coupled with deep expertise and broad experience.

The diversity among our Consultants in terms of creativity, experience, areas of expertise, and honed skills and talents, allows us to bring the benefit of many perspectives to our client engagements. This helps us to analyze, visualize, and appreciate the various components associated with each project, but also how these various elements come together to create the complete solution and how that solution fits into and impacts the business overall.

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As a senior executive, there were always strategic opportunities that were never realized due to the critical issues of the day. I always wished for a consulting firm that understood our business, had a strong outside perspective, and could provide a good analysis of options in a way that we could clearly see the opportunities, design a plan, assign resources, and implement the solution that was right for our business. Oculus was founded on just that basis— use creative experts with a broad and deep knowledge of the business to create real growth opportunities.”
— Cynthia Hayes

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Cynthia Hayes
CFA, President
Cynthia Hayes is a nationally recognized leader in the retirement and wealth management marketplace. She has over 30 years of experience as an innovative business executive. Cynthia was named a top “Thinker” by 401K Wire and one of the top 5 “Most Important Women in the 401(k) Industry.”